Labour refuse to invest £100,000 on Rishton High Street

At the recent budget setting meeting that took place on Thursday 25th February Labour Councillors including Rishton's Labour representative Kate Walsh, rejected a costed proposal to spend £100,000 on Rishton's high street. Instead approving another £400,000 to be spent on Accrington Town Hall and Market Hall and reception of Scaitcliffe House.

Hyndburn Conservatives put forward a budget amendment that would have seen £150,000 deducted from 3 Accrington town Centre projects and Invested heavily into the uplift of one of Rishton's High street. This money could have been used to match fund external bids that could have seen new shop fronts fitted to Rishton's shops. and renovation of the former Health Centre that is currently left derelict and blights the area, that is on the main road into Hyndburn from Blackburn,

Hyndburn Labour have forgotten that Rishton's residents and the Township, deserve to have the same level of investment as Accrington. Labour have taken Rishton voters for granted over the past 10 years and that needs to change.

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